Customer Experience Management

Not All Clients Are Created Equal

It costs many times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. However, not all customers are created equal. Some require more attention than others, some need guidance from time to time, and some simply do not wish to be disturbed.

By gaining insights on needs, preferences, and behavior, customer journeys can be optimized at critical touch points. Consistently delivering positive experiences establishes relationships. Strong relationships help build loyalty and drive growth.

Creating Differentiated Experiences

Customer experience management (CEM) focuses on creating differentiated experiences at touch points that customers choose to interact with the company. Focusing on CEM as a strategy helps service delivery capabilities align and adapt to behavioral shifts of the target audience.

Benefits realized go well beyond improvements in customer satisfaction and churn. Loyal customers buy more and share experiences colleagues. They also help generate incremental sales through recommendations on social and professional networks.

An Enterprise-Wide View of Customer Experience

Although many departments and functions have systems to track customer data, and measure customer satisfaction, few organizations have a holistic, enterprise-wide view of customer experience.

Williams 6 has hands on practical experience designing, implementing and managing CEM programs. The support we provide refining or developing your CEM program is customized to your specific business requirements.

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