Over the last 20 years, Andrew Williams has been mastering electronics manufacturing, understanding why certain electronics manufacturers are better suited for certain types of companies and products.

Andrew has worked in many major manufacturing companies, holding functional positions in areas of Sales, Business Management, Operations and General Management. Andrew spent the last 14 years at Jabil Circuit, most recently as Sector Vice President, where he created the go-to market model for Emerging Companies.

All of this experience has given Andrew an intimate knowledge of electronics manufacturing. From his deep understanding, Andrew founded Williams 6 with the purpose of helping electronics companies find the manufacturer that will best suit their needs. From Williams 6 to you, we guarantee solutions for your manufacturing challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission at Williams 6 is to provide emerging and middle market electronics companies with the best available Electronics Manufacturing Solutions. All Williams 6 associates have tenure working directly in the electronics manufacturing industry, including specific fields of component manufacturing, component distribution, Electronics Manufacturing Services, and Original Equipment Manufacturing.

Our seasoned professionals have held positions in operations, supply chain, program management, marketing, and sales. We will work to fully understand your business and provide solutions to best fulfill your requirements.

Customer Focused

We are a customer-focused company committed to the philosophy of Net PromoterTM, constantly gauging customer-to-provider relationships. By delivering quantitative value to each of our customer engagements, our clients are confident in our services and recommend us to their colleagues.

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